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This is a big question to answer because this Vision has reached all seven continents of the earth. Therefore, there has been so much church growth all over the world because the Lord has breathed life into the exponential multiplication of His Kingdom. This article will give a thorough explanation of all that God has been doing through the G12 Vision.

G12 means The Government of Twelve. It is a strategy for evangelism and multiplication. This strategy is based on a believer’s love for Jesus and therefore a compassion for the souls. It was birth out of the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19-20.

The Vision is also about forming disciples after Jesus character. Jesus’ greatest desire is to see lives completely change through His Blood. He knows that the only way that lives are transformed is through the Power of the Cross.

Prayer is one essential principle within the G12 Vision. Nothing happens without prayer. In order to be successful in this Vision, every individual believer must pray. Each person must labor in prayer for every soul that will be won.

It is important to know that G12 is not a denomination. For this reason it has never express the desire of any one to leave their denomination. Instead, G12 supports denominations, other ministries and Outreaches.


The G12 Vision was birth in the heart of Pastor Cesar Castellanos, Senior Pastor of International Charismatic Mission Church (MCI) in Bogotá, Colombia. MCI is one of the largest churches in South America, with more than 200,000 members and more than 45,000 Cell Groups in the City of Bogotá.

Pastor Cesar Castellanos has been pastoring for more than 25 years. During his first 10 years of ministry at MCI Pastor Cesar was not satisfied with the fruit of his ministry. He watched members come to church for a season, then leave through the back door. He was not able to retain the souls he had won. Pastor Cesar sought the Lord for help to close this backdoor. He desperately wanted to please the Lord by maintaining and discipling the lives of the families that he was winning. The Lord led him to Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho.

Pastor Cesar has always considered Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho as his teacher and Pastor. When he visited Dr. Cho’s ministry in Korea, he was greatly impacted by Dr. Cho’s faith in God in the midst of great difficulties. In the face of those challenges, Dr. Cho built the biggest church in the world. Dr. Cho’s great faith inspired Pastor Cesar to use the same method of home cell groups at MCI. Later, God led Pastor Cesar to take Dr. Cho’s method to another level by establishing the G12 Vision. It is a very simple concept that God reveled to Pastor Cesar in His Word. Jesus dedicated Himself to train 12 disciples. MCI took the principle found in the Word and started to exponentially multiply in souls by 12.



G12 is based on Jesus discipling 12 men. We believe His life and ministry is the template for discipleship today. He spent his entire 3 and a-half years of ministry preaching and forming his 12 disciples. His public ministry was extensive but His focus was upon the 12 disciples. Before He ascended to heaven, He charged those He had discipled with the mandate to go and change the world by living as He lived and doing what He did. This is called, “The Great Commission.” He was the seed planted in the earth that brings forth much fruit.


Jesus spoke powerful words when He chose his twelve saying, “Come and follow me and I will make you a fishers of men.” He imparted the vision of world conquest in the hearts of His disciples when He commanded them to, “Go into all the world, preach the gospel, and make disciples of all nations.” Christ knew that the Father’s plans for this world would only be accomplished after He had completed the work He started with those He led. The Life He lived was the message He preached. That message is called, “The Great Commission.”


G12 is a “new wineskin” (Mark 2:21, 22). It is a model of church structure and ministry that is flexible enough to accommodate the masse of people that will come to Christ, be disciple, and sent forth to do the same. The G12 model is cell-based, cross-centered, family-focused, and leadership-driven. This model of ministry focuses on preaching the gospel, pastoring the believers, preparing the disciples, and planting leaders in ministry.


We have developed a four part leadership strategy that wins the lost, consolidates them as part of the church family, disciples them as leaders and sends them into the marketplace to open new cells. The G12 movement is motivated by a training strategy that develops the faith of the new believer, trains him as a disciple and releases him as a leader. They learn how to gather the harvest, preserve the harvest, disciple and send the harvest) “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” It becomes a movement.

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