So, tell me something that really sets you on fire, that thing that invigorates you to no end, that reason the collection of talented beauty that you are is upon this earth. What’s that thing for you? Is there a thing that you desire to see happen that fear hinders you from achieving, from beginning? What does passion drive you to pursue? Something that burns so deeply that you would do it all the time, do it for free? Does it expand and contract inside of you like breath? When you tap it in the purest form, does your soul feel like an electric current that could transfer life and vigor to all you impact? Does that thing make you feel as though your heart is housing some sort of magic that flutters and sparks and frays like firework sparklers and pops like that sugary rock-candy on the tongue? Let’s take those things and wear them on the surface! Let’s not be afraid to stand out! Let’s show the world our differences and give others encouragement to do the same! Love you! Be you! Like Pastor Baron says, “you can only be a second-rate someone else, but no one can do you, the way you can do you!”

What if your difference were celebrated instead of tolerated? At Metro Lives, there are no pretenses, no filters or facades. YOU can be EXACTLY who God created YOU to be.

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