Every generation is a gift. According to Ephesians 4:1, “Everything you are and think and do is permeated with oneness. But, that doesn’t mean you should all look and speak and act the same” (MSG). We see things differently and that is why Metrolives is so great. Here, there is a serious emphasis placed on multigenerational diversity. From generation to generation, we may not share the same views. Our mindsets are different, creating a melting pot of wisdom and creativity, eradicating the segregating powers from one generation to the next. Each generation is valued for all the greatness it has given and will give to the world. Whether one is a veteran, Baby Boomer, Generation X, Y, or a Millennial, EVERYONE is an asset. Like any balance sheet, each asset has its place. Whether it be families, couples, singles, seniors, youth or children ministries, there is something for all ages.

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