Baron and Pamela Ammons are the founders of Chattanooga Metropolitan Church, Incorporated. The couple has been married for over thirty-four years and they carry a unique anointing to minster to single-parent families, married couples, dating couples and singles. Their years of experience, and work with diverse groups in the community, have given them wide appeal. Married at age nineteen, they understand the many pitfalls and barriers encountered by newlyweds. Employing the gospel and their marriage counseling certifications and training; they work incessantly to help individuals overcome emotional, marital and relational problems.

Reverend Baron Ammons received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, his Master of Science degree from Murray State University and his Ed.S from Tennessee Technological University. Currently, along with his wife, he is pursuing a PH.D. in Education. He is known nationally for his marriage and fathering work with The National Center for Fathering, The National Fatherhood Initiative, and Boot Camp for New Dads. His work with First Things First, Men’s Ministry Network, March of Dimes and the Southeast Council for Children and Youth exemplifies his dedication and commitment to community improvement. Additionally, he has certifications as a diversity, step-family and divorce counselor.

Pastor Pamela has a powerful anointing to teach and instruct women in the facets of wifeliness and motherhood. A modern day matriarch, as a Proverbs thirty-one wife, she is a shrewd business woman and has an uncanny ability to discern profitable business opportunities. Like her husband, Pamela is an excellent communicator, writer and known nationally for her entrepreneurial gifting. An educator by training and business leader by passion; in her God has synthesized the academic with the pragmatic to form a woman of purpose. Pastor Pamela received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and her Ed.S in Educational Leadership from Tennessee Technological University. She has been certified by the National Step-Family Foundation as a step-family and divorce counselor.

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